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GI earthing electrode is one of the electrical products of Electro grip. The primary material that is used to manufacture this product is galvanized iron. The length of GI earthing electrode can be 2 meters or 3 meters and there are a lot of options for diameter of the electrode such as 40mm, 50mm 60mm, 80mm, 100mm and 110mm. As it is a galvanized iron rod there is a zinc coating of up to 100 microns as per your requirements and also the coating slows down the corrosion process and can work properly for around 6-7 years. The structure consists of two GI pipes and a plate and the gap is filled with a special kind of

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Every building, equipment, power plant, substation facility included in electricity require earth grounding, either directly or through grounding system. The main objective of doing earthing in electrical network is safety